Monday, January 16, 2012

baby oil painting

The Invitation.

It is MLK day - Miss A and I both have the day off. I did most of the laundry the day before so I had more time freed up today to do a fun artsy activity! I skimmed through Mary Ann Kohl's Preschool Art book for a quick, simple activity and spotted this activity involving baby oil... Luckily for us, I had one bottle that we rarely use so I poured some into a bowl and grabbed a handful of q-tips and cotton balls then set out an invitation for Miss A to expore this fun activity... We had a great time talking about sizes, how the oil feels, and sunlight! Check it out!

Miss A preferred the q-tips. We talked about thick and thin lines.
The transparent lines!
Checking out the transparent design in the sunlight.
Of course, the crayons came out! We experimented with drawing over the baby oil.
Miss A then started making several A's with the crayons. How creative! 

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